EveryStraus’ bid manager
Automates the management of bids in advertising systems (Yandex.Direct, Yandex Display Network, Google Ads, Google Display Network) and saves budgets for
effective promotion.
What EveryStraus’ bid manager can do
Update bids
Automatic bid adjustment based on a specified set of rules
Checking and updating bids for all keys every 5 minutes
Follow the competitors closely
Monitor CTR
Creating inconvenient price conditions for competitors
Increasing or decreasing bids depending on the CTR of a particular key
Optimize conversions
Blocking low-conversion keys and platforms
Facilitate A/B testing
Conduct an audit of the quality of advertising campaigns
Testing different landing pages using a special tracker
Conducting a reliable audit of the quality of AC and ads
Search for 404 errors
Deal with «Few displays»
Notify about the presence of 404 errors on landing pages
Fixing the «Few displays» status
managing advertising campaigns on various ad platforms, using data from end-to-end analytics.
is a system for successfully
Latest launches
Cluster Analysis tool
New tool helps to get high-quality leads, as well as identify the most and least conversion audiences using higher mathematics.
Our very own Advertising network
Create ads, based on the results of performed cluster analysis, using ready-made thematic add-ons in the EveryStraus advertising network.
A system that functions using the single-window concept and combines the most useful advertising tools on a single platform.
Monitoring AC and budgets management
Cost reduction
Increase in ROMI
Reviews on EveryStraus
I work in a relatively overheated niche, and so I cannot effectively run campaigns without a bidder. We have used some analogs before switching to EveryStraus, but with each and every one of them we had to put up with some inconveniences. At
some point, we decided to switch to another system. We were considering using a paid service for the test, but when switching, we decided to try EveryStraus. Now we have switched to it completely.

Artem Novikov 
CEO of a window sales company
After taking office, my priority task was to optimize AC in Yandex.Direct. Having collected new semantics, we began to implement automation consistently and optimize our campaigns. Choosing between various services, we settled on
EveryStraus. In four months’ time, we successfully have reduced the cost of advertising in Y.Direct by 20%. I also like that the service is completely free. I hope it will be so in the future.☺
Svetlana Golik
Craft store marketing specialist
More reviews
Our companys customers use various bidders. There are good ones and there are also raw ones. We began to use EveryStraus bidder to reduce costs. The system works perfectly and is free, which is amazing. The service has a user-friendly interface, and I quickly mastered it. Wish the service good luck and prosperity.
Lera Panina
Agency SEA specialist
Advertising FMCG products without using bid management systems is a sure way to waste the budget. I have been regularly trying different services for different campaigns. At some point, I got a free offer from EveryStraus, and I decided to try it. I was pleasantly surprised by the results. The increase in ROMI and the reduction in costs are apparent. Also a very user-friendly interface.
David Alavidze
FMCG products store owner
for the full functionality of the EveryStraus system
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Advice from EveryStraus
AC management assistant
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