EveryStraus Video Widget
A new way
Just make a short video and turn leads into paying customers right away!
EveryStraus Video Widget is
Increasing the conversion rate
The conversion rate from a landing page that has a video widget on it increases up
to 38% (we checked!)
Trust trigger
A potential customer gets acquainted with you through the video
Minimal preparation
Videos can be easily and quickly recorded on any smartphone
WOW effect
Outperform your competitors by being the first to implement an advanced and
impressive solution
Popular trend
Short videos are an internationally popular form of content consumption (like TikTok, Vine, Likee)
With the help of a Video Widget, you can bring to life any idea!
Video feedback
Greet your visitors in a friendly way and tell them what your business is about. Remember that the first impression is the most important!
Video announcement
Inform users about the most important events in the life of your company — the start of sales of a new product, the launch of promotions, the opening of a new branch, and so on.
Video response
Let your satisfied customers explain to potential ones why they should choose you, as well as how you differ favorably from competitors and what makes them stay with you.
Video case
Briefly share the most notable cases from your practice, tell what customer pains you can help resolve, how quickly, and in what ways.
Examples of Video Widgets
How can you customize the Call To Action button?
Offer to sign up, ask for the contact details, offer to call back in a few minutes
Redirect to the correct section of the website or take to another page with more detailed information
You can also exclude it completely from the widget if the goal is to focus all the user's attention on your message
How can I customize my widget?
Customize the colors
Change the color of the button, text, and frame so that the widget fits into the interface of your website as seamlessly as possible.
Choose location
Place the Widget where it will look as nice as possible
Don't be afraid to try different color combinations to test which convert better. All the changes made will be instantly displayed on the website.
Sign up
All analytics is in one place
Track all crucial statistics in real time, compare videos' visibility and conversion rate, and keep only the most efficient videos.
What do you need to place the EveryStraus Video Widget on your website?
Record a vertical-oriented video of any length on your smartphone, where you talk about your product, or a couple of cases, or show others giving you reviews.
Log in to your personal account on EveryStraus, upload your video, set personalized widget settings (presence/absence of a CTA button, its color and frame color, etc.).
Copy the automatically generated code and add it on your website.
The EveryStraus Video Widget can be integrated with any CMS
for the full functionality of the EveryStraus system
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5% EveryStraus Cashback
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