EveryStraus Hybrid Call Tracking
A classic technology that has been rethought and so it has no analogs on the market. The new tool based on mathematical modeling is much cheaper than traditional solutions and just as accurate.
The classical dynamic call tracking tracks the call sources and analyzes their efficiency. Then the budget is redistributed in favor of more conversion ones. The tool has proven useful but expensive.
We use neural networks that associate each call with the most likely visit, uploading data from Yandex.Metrika or Google Analytics. That allows us not to use swap numbers at all or significantly reduce their usage. Statistics from ad platforms helps to determine the call sources, even for those periods when there was no call tracking to begin with.
Hybrid Call Tracking based on mathematical modeling EveryStraus can:
Technical support
Determine the sources of calls to the key word or particular ad with an accuracy of 90%;
Our solution is significantly cheaper than similar ones on the market.
No analogs outhere!
Determine the call sources even for times when call tracking wasn’t there;
Full technical support for the implementation and use of the service
Save budgets
In addition, we provide:
all recordings;
visual statistics on call sources;
transcripts of conversations on request;
marking by target and non-target calls;
marking of successful and unsuccessful calls.
for the full functionality of the EveryStraus system
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