EveryStraus Callback Widget
An informative widget will convince website visitors to leave their contact information – quickly call them back and significantly increase the probability of a conversion!
According to some research, users that are willing to leave their contact details are really interested in purchasing a particular product or service. They only need a little push to do so! Turn interested leads into paying customers by providing them with a
free, easy, and convenient way to contact your sales managers.
The EveryStraus Callback Widget in a nutshell:
Helps increasing the conversion rate of the website by 20% (so you will have about 20% more customers);
A way for your customers to contact you without unnecessary expenses;
Cheaper than all analogs on the market;
Full marketing support for your customers.
The mechanics of the Callback Widget
Adjustable Settings will allow you to customize the widget so that it does not annoy website visitors, but at the same time helps to get contact details from those who were going to leave your website in search of a similar offer.
Pop-up form with an offer to call and answer any question will help to win the
customer over your competitors.
All phone records, information about call sources, IP addresses, and so on. are collected in the personal account.
for the full functionality of the EveryStraus system
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