Smart advertising all over the Internet in
Advertising based on cluster analysis and ready-made thematic add-ons in the EveryStraus Advertising network.
High-quality audiences that leave requests and give calls
Adjusting target based on the results of cluster analysis
Pre-made settings templates for the following topics: real estate, cars, e-commerce,
medical clinics, shopping services
An automatic ad-maker based on the specified triggers
Online statistics
Flexible budget settings
Our advantages:
No special knowledge is required
Require high expertise and full immersion in the tools
Pre-made solutions based on statistics collected by our network, as well as on
analysis of the audience of a particular resource
Make you spend money to find the best solutions and get results
Advertising is created in 5 minutes and broadcasted everywhere
Takes at least a day to create an advertisement in each of the ad platforms
You top up the balance, and we distribute budgets to the most effective bundles of
Require to calculate the budget for each channel manually
The system functions using mathematical algorithms and models
Poor results due to inadequate knowledge of higher mathematics
Look-alike based on the results of cluster analysis
Look-alike for key goals only
Advertising materials are made automatically based on the specified triggers (we
support the DCO technology*)
Require to create a lot of creatives, ads and text and graphic banners for each format
What is DCO?
Building and optimizing dynamic creatives on the EveryStraus side
Uploading creatives with the code of a 3rd party system
Building on the EveryStraus side
The creative can consist of 5 available elements:
Up to three independent text elements
Product photo
Product name
Automatic strategies
AI control
EveryStraus analytics features
IQ bid – bid optimization based on EveryStraus bidder technology
Widgets that increase the website conversion rate
Additional advantages
Ad maker based on DCO technology
Feed builder for Yandex.Market, Google Merchant, Avito, Cian
Working model:
Per clicks (CPC)
Per actions (CPA) — if there is a sufficient number of conversions
Per displays (CPM) — for coverage campaigns
The minimum budget for the start and test of our system is just... $100.
How can cluster analysis help?
A web analytics tool that allows to increase the number of high-quality leads from PPC search ads significantly.
Сluster analysis makes it possible to identify the most and the least conversion audiences in advance, thus, to perform predictive analytics.
How does it work?
We analyze the audience according to data from Yandex.Metrika and Google Analytics;
We divide it into clusters based on the following parameters: time spent on the website, conversion rate, bounce rate, affinity for short-term interests, micro conversions;
We distribute the sample into the most and least conversion clusters;
We create new campaigns and adjust existing ones with an eye to the selected
effective audiences.
We also use machine learning (Google BigQuery ML) for:
determining the optimal settings for the number of interactions with the desired audience;
identifying optimal bundles for
ads-website type conversions;
building attribution based on the conversion
probability of each user session;
identifying dependency between the day of the week, weather, audience characteristics, device type, bids, etc.
EveryStraus is already used by:
Test it out and gain results!
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