EveryStraus Cluster Analysis
A unique tool will help
Cluster analysis allows you to identify the most and the least conversion audiences for your business, thus, to perform predictive analytics.
It is a good addition to Look-alike because ad platforms receive much more data that can be analyzed.
EveryStraus Cluster Analysis provides:
reduction of the lead cost with a static budget to 30-40%;
increase in the number of leads up to 50%;
a transparent understanding of what your TA really looks like and how to work with it better
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How does it work
We analyze the audience according to data from Yandex.Metrika and Google Analytics;
We perform agglomerative clustering;
We divide it into clusters based on the following parameters: time spent on the website, conversion rate, bounce rate, affinity for short-term interests, micro conversions;
We determine the optimal number of clusters;
We create new campaigns and adjust existing ones with an eye on the selected
effective audiences.
We distribute the sample into the most and least conversion clusters;
for the full functionality of the EveryStraus system
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