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And all this is completely free! In return, we only ask for the right to share the results of the audits in our cases. We will hide the exact figures and budgets.
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What does an audit consist of?
I. Technical analysis of campaign quality
II. Campaign strategy analysis
III. Commercial analysis of campaigns
IV. Final report
We will check:
- semantics (for compliance, completeness, etc.);
- lists of negative keywords and prohibited sites;
- ads (for compliance, the correctness of extensions, etc.);
- general settings (correctness of geotargeting, budget allocation, selected strategies, etc.);
- bid adjustments (schedule of displays, adjustments by devices, gender, age, etc.);
- retargeting and tracking settings;
- goals.
We will analyze:
- what technologies and solutions are used;
- how effective the strategy is;
- whether there are any contradictions in the campaign's logic;
- what solutions/elements are missing;
- how much does the AC volume correspond to the allocated budget and the speed
of filling the data.
We will determine:
- whether the bids are placed correctly;
- whether each element of AC corresponds the existing KPI;
- what steps do you need to take so AC elements are in compliance with the KPI.
We will summarize the audit results into a transparent and cohesive report, based on which you will be able to improve advertising campaigns and promotion strategy by yourself or transfer them to a new contractor. Or we can continue our work and fix everything for you.
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